"what i've said, that will i bring about & what i've planned, that will i do." isaiah 46:11

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

* ruby's hearing??

we adopted ruby when she was 3½ years old, from haiti & she's now 7 - we knew she was deaf & upon her arriving home, we had her checked & found that she was profoundly deaf in both ears
she was fitted for a CI [cochlear implant] at age 4 & liked it in the beginning, but acting out on the bus one day, she chucked it out the window! - insurance paid for her to get another one [PTL], so we did, but the older she was getting, the more she didn't want to wear it...she wanted to sign - she attends a deaf school, so all her friends are deaf & she wanted to sign only, like them
about a year or so ago, the 'new CI' started malfunctioning [she did nothing to it] & so we were going to go along with her wishes & not make her wear it [$ was an issue here as we've no insurance, so the replacement cost or the cost for repair, would come out of our pocket & she was so vocal about only wanting to sign only, we used this opportunity & let her]
she's not wore her CI for almost a year now & has been doing remarkably well [in attitude, actions, etc.] - we began noticing right off, that she'd answer things not only when she was able to read our lips, but if we were across the room, etc. - i spoke to the doctor about this & shared that she was wearing it for 2+ years, but for the past year, she hadn't [& she was loving it] - he said that even though she was profoundly deaf, having & wearing a CI, it taught her to 'listen for sounds' - it made her work extremely hard to pick up voices, as it was a hearing device that was there to help her...not do it for her
he said that there's a slim chance she does have some hearing in her ear & wearing the CI, taught her to listen better - he said that over time, if we'd not make her wear her CI, she might learn to 'listen better' on her own, without the CI's help - he also said that by having her wear the CI, she might get 'lazy' & learn to rely on it for her hearing & not listen as well
we've prayed for her for years to get her hearing back & have been noticing great improvements in that area - today i was talking normal at the dinner table & she frowned at me - i signed, "what" & she said, "quiet down, you're so loud!" - LOL - i'm believing she's not even going to need her CI from here on out & will improve over time with her hearing - she's thrilled that she's "getting better" [her words] & that she's hearing things more & more daily
what started out to be her not wanting to wear her CI, then it messing up & she couldn't wear it, then to us not having the $ to have it repaired, in the end, i feel has been a blessing in disquise - right now, unless things change for the worse, we're not going to plan on having the CI fixed, but instead, we'll continue with our signing on a regular basis, still plan on sending her to the deaf school, still continue praying over her for healing & will wait & let god move as he's already begun
i feel now, that by getting her a CI in the beginning, it gave her the 'umpf' that she needed to learn to listen [she could've never been taught, that], but then by it messing up, it gave us the 'umpf' we needed to take it off of her & let her be the way she wants to be
as she gets older, she can always use it if she chooses, but for now, we're gonna put it up & help her listen better & learn more sign language [PTL!] - we'll continue with her at the deaf school as that's where she's gone for a few years now, she's very comfortable there, has friends, etc. & will forever use sign & they do such a good job teaching it to her

Monday, June 28, 2010

* want to book a session

i still have a couple dates open next week - anyone care to book one of them for a photo session? - give me a call 317.674.8512 or 317.432.3103 - can't wait to hear from ya!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

* haitian family camp

Haitian Camp will be 7/30- 8/1 at Indian Creek Baptist Camp, Bedford, IN. The camp director this year's Jordan Morris, who most of you remember as the young counselor with blonde dreads. The speaker for Sunday service will be Paul Scott. He & his wife Joyce were camp directors years ago & they were missionaries in Haiti. Please pass on this info to others & registration packets will be out soon.