"what i've said, that will i bring about & what i've planned, that will i do." isaiah 46:11

Monday, October 30, 2006

lots going on around here...

well, this weeks already getting very full so i'll blog this & then we'll see how things go & how much time i'll get to my name... i'll be taking my 3 little bear cubs out trick or treating tomorrow night alone as spike's got meetings & won't be able to go with us... wednesday evening we'll be heading to the airport as barbara's flying 2 more little ones home to their new parents... 1 of the little guys that'll be coming in's ruby's cousin so i'm very excited about that!... barbara will then be staying with us for a few days & not leaving until saturday... it looks as if she'll be heading back to the states sometime next week as well as she's got visa appointments set up for next week as well (YEAH GOD!!)... i've got another heart dr. appointment friday AM just for my checkup & am sure that'll go well... everyone here's doing great & feeling well too... we've been having chilly weather here lately, but no one's sick (praise the lord!)... dustin spent the weekend with us & so we spent a ton of time with he & suzy & was very thankful for it - we had a great time!... well, i guess i'll close now as this mama bear's getting a bit tired & feel i'm rambling... tata for now!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

boy, how time flies!...

kiara's papa beau

kiara's brother vilbo (12y)

kiara's sister lilanne (15y)

kiara's sister florette (19y) & her son chechiron (1y)

florette's other son sonson'n (2y)

karleigh's papa richard

well, we're back from our trip to haiti & had a wonderful time!... we were gone from october 3-10 & have been running nonstop ever since... our little chicklets have a fabulous time staying with 'papa kyle, angela & all their kids' (hehehe), that's what they call them... while in haiti we were with barbara walker in passing out food, back packs, clothing & visiting kiara & karleigh's birth papas too... karleigh's papa flew down from cap haitien to visit us for the day... it was so good to see him again & after having dinner together he asked us when we'd be bringing karleigh back to see him... we assured him, we would be doing this someday when she got older & he seemed very happy about that... we visited with kiara's papa 1 day & then made plans to see him again the latter part of the week... when we got there the last day he surprised us by telling us to take him down the road a bit (about 15 minutes away) & we could meet/see kiara's birth siblings!!!... WOW, what a blessing!!... well, it's taken me forever to upload these pics, so i'm heading to bed, but will blog more soon... ttfn!