"what i've said, that will i bring about & what i've planned, that will i do." isaiah 46:11

Friday, August 31, 2007


oh my, she's already been scolded! - kiara's rode the bus just 6 days & i've already gotten a call from her bus driver via the teacher (eeek) - kiara just loves harry (the bus driver) & can't wait for him to come pick her up every morning - well, today i got a call from her teacher & she said, "well, did kiara mention what happened on the bus today?" - i said, "well, when she gets home, it's lunchtime (chaos), then it's naptime (quiet) & THEN we sit down & run through her day - today was no different so at this point when she called, kiara was still napping & i'd only heard of who she'd played with & what they played, on the short van ride home (about 1 minute drive)

she said that harry called her (the teacher) & informed her that kiara got on & sat down, but before they were even out of our neighborhood, she was asked to sit down, due to her standing up - from the time he gets her, until he drops her off at school, they only make a few stops in our neighborhood & the adjoining neighborhood - well, harry asked her again to sit down & apparently she wasn't obeying - this happened a few times so finally when she was responding to his request, mr. harry pulled the bus over, called her up to the front (in front of everyone & i know she must have been horrified!!) - he then proceeded to tell her how dangerous it was to ride on a bus while standing - he also said that her parents were expecting him to travel to the school & deliver her safely there & that she, if standing, might bump her head if they'd hit a bump - apparently at this point, the bus was dead quiet & she busted out bawling (loudly), sucking her thumb & saying, "I JUST NEED MY MOMMY TO HOLD ME!!" - he called her teacher to share with her what happened & why kiara might be upset - he told her he was about to phone me, but she said she would later so she could also tell me how kiara did today - i was on my cell when this was shared so afterwards i called home & talked to kiara

me: kiara, this' mommy
kiara: hi mommy
me: hello, i've got a question for you
kiara: what is it?
me: well, did something happen today that i need to know about?
kiara: (long pause) well..... yeah
me: what was it?
kiara: i told boo (brit) 'no' & signed it too
me: well, thanks for telling me, but that's not it, was there something else?
kiara: (long pause) well... yeah
me: what was it?
kiara: when they said the pledge of alliegiance in class, i didn't say it
me: well, thanks for telling me, but that's not it, was there something else?
kiara: (long pause) well, why don't you tell me what you know & i'll tell you if you're right!
me: something happen on the bus today?
kiara: OH YEAH!

she then shared what all happened & it was exactly what i'd heard from her teacher - i said, "did you say anything to harry after it was all finished?" she said, "yes, i told him i was sorry, i wouldn't do it again, asked him to forgive me & then told him that if they'd make seatbelts on buses, then i'd not be able to get up!" - UGH, somedays i feel so old!!


Thursday, August 30, 2007


well, kiara went to school this monrning & brit's home sick (yes, again) - she's better, but still congested - since she's now on antibiotics, i'm sure she'll bounce back quick, she usually does - spike & i are taking the camper out today & setting up, then we'll come home & stay the night at home - we'll then let kiara & brit go to school tomorrow, but when brit gets out (2:35), we'll leave for the weekend - we'll not be returning until monday late in the afternoon/evening so it'll be fun to be there so long - we were thinking we'd go out tonight to stay, but forgot we've got 2 in school tomorrow! (ooops) - when we drop off the camper, spike & i are stopping by a home to look through as we're wanting to get movin' on this house thing right away - we're so out of room it's incredible - there's 6 of us living here & our house's just under 1800sf - we're desperately needing another bedroom & spike needs an office (so we can have our kitchen table back) - we're not planning anything tonight as we'll have a busy weekend - well, not a lot more to say, so tata! [hugs]


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


well, doesn't seem like we did much, but we were busy all day long - this was brit's 2nd day home from school sick & she's only been in school like a week or 2!! - we got up, got 2 of the girls off to school, then talked to mom in haiti - she's doing fine, it's just extremely hot down there right now (it always is, but it's even hotter now) & she's cookin'! - she says bryce's eating more than she can shovel down him - he's VERY, VERY, VERY independant & will ONLY feed himself - she said he'll just scream bloody murder if she (or anyone else) tries to feed him, but give him stuff of his own & he's good to go - he's not even 2 yet & i know that he ate 2 whole bananas, 2 pretty good sized bowls of cheerios (cassandra, stock up as they're his absolute favs!!!), 2 packs of cheese/crackers, water & lots of it & 2 whole hot dogs - mom then opened her a big can of chuncked chicken as she just had surgery & that's the main thing she could eat, but guess what? - she never got it due to 'bubba' eating it all - she said he got ahold of that bowl, pulled it up next to him & started shoveling - she said she didn't have the heart to take it from him (even though it was hers) as she's just thrilled that he's eating so well - when he's finished with one thing, he'll just start grunting & pointing for more of whatever it is you've got to eat - they do this from morning until night & he stays content - he's been sleeping really well, so mom's glad about that as when bryce sleeps well... mom sleeps well!! - she's having a blast with madisyn & a young deaf boy named evans - mom's staying at the village full time now until the 8th of september when she leaves to come home - i know she's enjoying herself, but will be soooooooo glad to return home

we'd dad (aka the little lost boy) over for dinner tonight & that was nice - we'd smoked sausage, mac 'n cheese, peas & tomatoes & was able to send some home with him for tomorrows dinner as well - he then took spike to get our camper as we're leaving tomorrow for a few days to go camping & we're all excited (especially karleigh as she's the 'lil camper of the bunch)

we began (again) looking at homes last night (only 1 for now) & will hit it hard next week - we put our house up for sale yesterday so we're praying it sells quick as selling a home's something i hate to do! - when it sells, we've no idea where we'll move temporarily, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it

i may post more later, but for now i'm off to add poundage to my hips & grab a 'not so good for me' snack ("i'm comin' sweet thangs, i'm a comin' really fast", i say to the kit kat bars that are beckoning me from the kitchen) [hugs]


well, i've added a bit more colors to my blog & i think it's 'getting there'! - i love the orange background, but boy, it's sure hard to get colors that go with it as many are hard to see


Sunday, August 26, 2007


whew, glad there wasn't a typo there! (those on the yahoo group with me, know what i'm talking about) - yes, today's spike's birthday & we did nothing! - we were to go to church like always, but didn't due to brit getting sick yesterday (horrible sinus thingy) & went to bed last night sick, then kiara got up this morning with a runny nose - being they were both 'off' (yes, that's their normal maybe), we opted to stay home - spike got to nap today, went to the salon (picture below), got to stay in jammies & all around had a sluggish day, but hey, gotta have 'em every once in awhile - tomorrow we're off & running into another week, but wanted to take a minute to share with you all how wonderful my man is - he's the best friend i've ever had, he's a great provider, loving husband & father - he talks a great talk & walks what he believes in (being a godly christian man) - he's fair, down to earth, honest - we love him more than words can say - honey, thanks for loving me & our children & thanks for being you - we love you & happy birthday!!

spike & his 3 hair stylists
(ruby, karleigh & kiara)
the price for their daddys 'treatment': unlimited hugs all day


well, i've talked to mom several times since she's arrived in haiti & seems to having a great time - she's staying at ruuska village - she arrived in miami & did just fine & then a friend of mine that's also adopting from barbara, had given me the name & picture of her father in law that was due to be on mom's flight into PAP - i sent it to mom & she was able to know who to be looking for - he was given her information as well & so they both found each other & ended up trading seats & sitting together from miami to PAP - she'd been there 2 times prior, but not ever doing it alone, she felt more comfortable going in with an experienced 'haiti man' hehehe - after arriving in PAP, she was met by barbara's group - several adoptive parents, barbara & madisyn - sounds like things are great with the bonding thing there - they stopped by the visa lodge to drop off some who were staying there & then it was off to the village

today, they went to see bryce, the little boy mom will be caring for while she's there - he's 19 months old, but weighs about the same as a 6 month old little boy - she said he's adorable & they'll be picking him up tomorrow (they had to notify the place where he's at a day ahead of time i guess) - mom's very excited to get him 'home' to the village & start fattening him up (poor little guy will weigh 30# by the end of mom's 2 weeks) - they won't call him bryce, but instead, 'bubba' - cassandra.. mom said to tell you she's met your daughter & she's OH, SO PRECIOUS TOO!! - mom said she's, "absolutely perfect" - she's getting lots of pictures of all the village children for all you parents that are on pins/needles to see them - when she arrives home at midnight on the 8th, we'll get them on the puter & emailed to you the next day,more than likely

here's a funny picture of our day today with dad when he stopped by for a visit (madisyn, this'll who you'll be calling papi, but remember, i'm there for ya sis!)

Friday, August 24, 2007


well, i got karleigh's hair done today & it looks so cute - i did all different colors & it turned out really neat - i'll be working on kiara & ruby's tomorrow so busy, busy, busy, i'll be - brit's got some fun things planned for the 2 not being worked on (ie: school work, puzzles, books on tape, etc.) & then whomever i'm working on gets unlimited suckers (as long as they don't chew them!) - i'll try & post pictures tomorrow of them all sporting their new do's & hopefully they'll both go quick - someone remind me again, how was it we ended up with 3 little girls with tons of hair... oh yeah, god told us to [hugs]


well, it's off to haiti for mom tomorrow! - she's very excited (nervous, but excited) - she absolutely can't wait to meet bryce, the little boy she'll be caring for while she's there - she also found out tonight that madisyn will be arriving tomorrow sometime so she'll be there when mom shows up & just talking about it, brings tears to moms eyes - just pray that a lot's accomplished while she's there (ie: lots of weigh on bryce, great bonding for her & madisyn, her being a help to lawanna, having a wonderful time with barbara & whatever else god's got for her) - i'll be talking to her nightly (i know, i know, you're all surprised by that) & giving updates as often as i can - we found out she'll be arriving on a flight with someone else coming that's being picked up at the airport by barbara - we've emailed pics back & forth so they both know who to look for to come in together (even though they don't know each other) - i'm hoping that'll help mom as she's never done this alone before - she's been to haiti 2 times, but never alone - she went with spike, brit & myself last october & then i took her & dad back in may & that's it so tomorrow she's wingin' it, just her & god!


well, i've a question for all of you - months ago, i'd added something to my blog (don't remember what it was or where i found it) that would 'alert' me when someone added my blog as a link to theirs or posted about my blog, etc. - i'd open the page & it's list all the people that had either referred to my blog, linked it to theirs or linked it into a post, etc. - my puter decided it's not cooperate one day (many days) & when it decided to work, that 'alert' was missing & i receive nothing any longer - now i can still go to 'sitemeter' (that's the box that's directly under the taptap picture in my blog header) & it'll show me some of who reads it, but nothing on who's linking me - i'm just nosey & want to see - any helper will earn 5 tokens (which at our house means you'll get a piece of candy!) - thanks! [hugs]

Thursday, August 23, 2007


well, we've made it to another weekend! - we were to go camping tomorrow for the weekend, but mom's leaving for haiti on saturday early in the morning & we're going along for the ride with dad when he releases her into the throws of haiti - she can't wait! - we've got her all packed up (but keep adding more things) & her bags are maxed out on weight - she'll be arriving in haiti at 3:30 haitian time on saturday & staying for 2 weeks - my dad will be a mess until she gets home! - i'll take pics of her all loaded down when she's leaving the airport & then again when she's returning (bet she's walking a faster pace when she returns, wanna bet?)


i'm sure after i post this, i'll think of more, but here's few highlights to get you going...

today we'd a funeral (my aunts) to attend & had the 3 bear cubs with us - they were so good & sat quietly through the entire service, etc. & when it was all over, kiara leaned over to me & said, "are they gonna serve the food now?" - maybe that's why she was being on her best behavior, thinking food was coming??

"KIARA"S ERUPTED!" is what we heard karleigh yelling from the backseat today - when we asked her what she was talking about, she said that kiara erupted (& was not happy at all!) - in delving a bit deeper, we found out that karleigh was trying to talk & kiara erupted her (INTERUPTED HER!)

when brit was about 4 years old, we'd only had her just a few months & i'd got her all dressed up & we were heading out to run errands (just her & i) - i'd to stop & get gas on my way, so i went to the local gas station, right by our house that we always used - we were the only ones there, it was early in the morning so to have a change of pace, i asked her if she'd want to go pay for me - she was thrilled & said, "YES!" - i gave her $5 & said, "you go in & tell them your mommy's putting 5 bucks in pump 9 & then hand them this money & return to the car" - she eagerly jumped out, ran in as i was watching her, came back out just like she was supposed to do, got in the car & SLAMMED the door! - i asked what was wrong & she said they laughed at her - i couldn't imagine what she was talking about so after i finished getting gas, i got in the car & asked her again what had happened - she said, "i did just what you said" - i said, "tell me exactly what you said to them, just like you said it" - she said, "i told them this... my mom's humping pump 9 for 5 bucks!" - needless to say, i never returned to that gas station again!!!

when brit (yes, it's about her again... sorry brit!) was about 4 she came to me one day & asked if she could have sex - i said, "WHAT???" (keep in mind we'd adopted her at 3.5 years from the welfare system & we didn't know for sure about anything she'd seen, experienced, etc.) - she repeated to me what she'd asked already, "mommy, can i have sex?" - still not wanting to give in & assume 'SEX' was what she was really asking for, i played dumb - i said, "i don't know what you're talking about, can you ask it a different way?" - she said, "you know, what you & daddy have!" - EEEEEEEEEK!!! - i'm sweating at this point, not knowing what to say or heaven forbid what she's seen & so still acting dumb, i thought i try 1 more time & asked her to tell me in another way - to this she replied, "you know, when you don't say 'charge it', but instead you have sex!" - she was saying CHECKS!!!

once when brit was in preschool, they were told they could bring in a show 'n tell - she asked if she could sing a song & they allowed it - the next week, she wanted to sing a song again & they allowed it - this got to be a habbit with her during show 'n tell & finally they told her to start bringing an item to show the class - she informed them that she was going to just sing a song instead - they asked her to bring an item & she informed them that she was going to sing a song - this went on & on until the teacher finally said, "brit, i'm telling you one more time, I WANT YOU TO BRING AN ITEM TO SHOW 'N TELL NEXT WEEK" - to that brit replied (with hands on her hips), "WELL WE DON'T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT, NOW DO WE??" - from then on she took an item every week (ps. we never knew any of this was going on until after it'd been settled or we'd have stopped it a long time before that!)

lastly (yes, another brit story), when we'd first moved here to this community brit started first grade - about a week into school, the principal called me & asked if i could come to the school right away - i raced over to find the principal, brit's teacher, a fireman, a police officer & brit all standing at the door - i thought to myself, oh my goodness, what's she done! - she's always been a great kid & i knew she wasn't hurt as she was standing there smiling all over herself, but i sure couldn't imagine what was going on that they'd need this much 'backup' & would need to call me in - they all introduced themselves & then they proceeded to tell me that it was fire prevention week & all the kids in brit's class were sitting around talking about safety - they were saying things like, "don't cross the road without looking both ways", "don't play with matches", "don't mess with knives", etc. - they said one little boy had said, "don't do drugs", which my daughter commented that, "my mommy does drugs because they make her feel good" - they said to her something about me NOT doing drugs, but brit stuck to her story about me doing drugs because they made me feel good & to take 'good feeling' drugs was alright - now keep in mind, i'm now 40 years old & i've never taken drugs in my life - if someone would hand me some, i'd not know to sniff it, drink it, put it in my viens or what, so i couldn't imagine why she'd say such a thing - i was dying on the inside & everyone was looking at me for an answer - i looked at brit & said, "honey (gritting my teeth as i wore a tight smile), mommy doesn't do drugs, do i?", to which she replied (whispering as if no one would hear her & smiling all the while), "yes you do, but that's alright" - i said, "brit, mommy's never done drugs, why would you say such a thing?" to which she replied, "because i'm supposed to tell the truth to my teacher" - at this point i'm realizing they're thinking i'm role playing with her to get her to see it 'my way' & change her story - finally i said, "alright brit, if mommy does drugs, what drugs do i do?" to which she replied, "the ones that make your head feel better" to which i shared with everyone that i suffer migraines & take perscription meds for them & apparently that's what she was talking about - they let me leave, but i'm sure they kept their eye on me for quite awhile as we were new to the community & they probably thought this poor little girl was being raised by drug addicts GEEEZ - (ps. now they've got kiara, then ruby & then karleigh - by the time karleigh gets there, it's hard telling what they'll think of me!)

thanks for letting me share, oh wait, it's MY blog! [hugs]

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


thanks wes for sending me the pictures of madisyn (my sister) & her sister loudnie (my niece) - i noticed he'd a picture of loudnie on his site as he'd just gotten back from haiti - i emailed him & asked if he'd anymore of her or her sister madisyn - he did & sent them to me & as you can see, they're adorable!!

madisyn, chillin' out

madisyn & joanie (enochs niece)


-loaded down mama-

well, we met dad/mom fur lunch today at applebees & afterwards, she showed me how full her backpack was for her haiti trip - i then added more stuff to it (sorry mom!) & had her to put it on - dad helped her with it & then let go, at which time she was LOADED down - she'll do fine with only taking 2 carryons (suitcase & backpack), but it still's a lot of work - PS as we're all looking at her wearing this backpack, notice where my father's looking... HEY DAD, TURN YOUR EYES UPWARDS JUST A BIT THERE FELLA!

Monday, August 20, 2007


well, another milestone's been passed as it was ruby's first day today at preschool. i drove her due to it being her first, but then she rode the bus home & will be riding to/from everyday from now on. she'll only go on monday, tuesday & wednesday, but for us, that's enough. she'd a great day, but they'd forgot to put her ci back on her after she woke up at 2:15 from naptime, then the bus driver called & said they'd be home late as they were stuck in 'wreck traffic' & so she didn't end up getting home until almost 5 & then we went the whole evening without her ci UGH. i know it wasn't their fault, but we'd things to do that her having her ci would've helped. her teacher did email & appologize about it which was nice of her. all in all she'd a wonderful day & is already looking forward to heading out tomorrow. here's some pictures of her this morning
in her carseat getting ready to head out!

showing off her backpack

walking into the building with 'style'

looking back to see if i'm still coming


well, we received an early morning phone call (2:30am) telling us that my aunt judy had passed away - she'd suffered with diabetes forever & it just finally took her - she's been in the hospital for quite awhile & just was moved to a nursing home yesterday & then passed early, early this morning - she was my dad's sister & there were 5 children (2 boys & 3 girls) in that family & she was the baby - of those 5, dad & my uncle noah are the only 2 living, & uncle noah's not good at all - even though judy's children are grown (1 with a grandbaby), they all lived together & it's going to devistating on them - dean's about 37+/-, dawn's about 34+/- & then dawns little girl's jazmyn's 5 - she was married to tim, but we're assuming he'll leave & move back to KY with his mother - [hugs!]

Sunday, August 19, 2007


when we adopted kiara, we chose to readopt her in the states for a US birth certificate - we contacted an attorney & he said he'd do her readoption for $600 - we said alright & we'd send him the $ when we got it - we then decided to do it 'one more time' so we called him & let him know that we'd just wait & when karleigh came home, we'd do them both at once & he said fine, but that he'd do them both for $600 since he loved adoptive families & that it really wouldn't be much more work - we said, "praise the lord" & was gathering the $ - we then decided to do it 'one more time', so i once again called the attorney & shared what we were doing & that we wanted to wait until our last was home & then we'd do them all 3 together - once again he stated that he'd rather do that too & by doing all 3 at once, it wasn't going to be any more work for him & that he'd do them all 3 for $400 - i said, "$400?, it was $600 & we've added 1, how can it go down?" - he said, "you see, i'm adopted & i love adoptive families & i just want to do this for all you're doing" - well, with that praise the lord, we felt so blessed - we'd the girls all 3 readopted (i think spike was wanting to hurry & send him the $$ as by waiting we kept adding more children & he was a bit fearful - hehe) - we then had to have kiara's name correct due to someone in haiti putting JR. at the end of her name (as in a mans name) on her greencard - it hadn't messed us up to this point, but we didn't want that on all her 'new documents' - we did all the necessary INS paperwork, turned it in, got her passport photos (which INS required) & we waited (we were getting good at that after 3 international haiti adoptions)

we recieved all her correct paperwork about a week or so ago, so now everything's finished & we're going to be applying for the girls' passports very soon in their new names, etc. - we're taking ruby back to haiti on our next trip, then the following trip, we'll take kiara & the 3rd trip, we'll take karleigh
this photo's of me, as we began filling out paperwork for our first dossier in february '02 & from then till now's been 5.5 years of paperwork & i'm happy to report, we're almost finished!! [hugs!]


here's a conversation that kiara & i had today - remember, she's 5 & just started kindergarten last thursday

me: kiara, nana's coming over tomorrow to get you on the bus

K: why?

me: ruby starts school tomorrow & i've gotta take her for her first day & won't be home in time to get you on the bus

K: don't you wanna race the bus tomorrow?

me: what? race it? what do you mean?

K: well, you took me the first day & then the next day you raced the bus - don't you want to race it tomorrow again?

me: i didn't race the bus kiara, i put you on it on friday for the first time by yourself & then i went on to the school so i'd be there when you arrived to help get you into class, i didn't race it!

ahhh, the memories! [hugs!]


they're in bed!!! - man, we don't have many of 'those' days, but today was one of 'THOSE' days! (notice all the caps?) - it started after church, when i went to take the girls to the bathroom & was taking them away from some friends of ours that we were talking to - ruby gave me 'the look' & i knew i was in for it - she started bulking a bit & as i took them all to go potty, i said the same phrase i always say, "everyone line up to go pee pee" & pointed at ruby to start the process - she signed, 'no' to me & grrrr, i wasn't very happy with her - kiara had already climbed up & was taking care of business & as she was, ruby started bawling loudly signing & saying that it was her turn! - i shared with her that she was told first to go & she made the decision to not obey & since kiara was already going, i chose to not make a big deal of it (this time) - she then took her turn & i thought it was over, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO - after we'd all finished, we were ready to leave the restroom & kiara was passing out everyone's bibles by reading their names on it - ruby was handed her & as we were walking out i hear a loud THUD! - i turn to see 'the look' from ruby as she was frozen in place & her bible was laying on the floor - i told her to pick it up from which she said, "NO" (& in our home that's NOT acceptable at all!!) - i shared with her that we'd deal with it as soon as we arrived at the car & we did - thinking it was the end, we went to lunch & 3 times while there ruby was in the bathroom & no she didn't have a bladder problem! - we came home & she shared her mood with her sisters & it's just been one thing after another all day/night long - finally, at about 7:20 they were all scraping & i said, "ENOUGH, EVERYONE TO BED!" & now the scraping's over & all's well - whew, what a day, i'm exhausted & i don't like days like this one & hopefully it'll be a long time before we repeat it [hugs!]


just wanting to remind everyone that prays, to be praying for haiti & it's people as they're to be getting hit with this hurricane dean this evening - we've got several people there that we're very close to (some family, some friends, some both) & we're praying that they stay safe & that we can get in contact with them all as quickly as this passes over - here's a picture of where it's at & where haiti's located in comparison - [hugs]

Thursday, August 16, 2007


yep, she's got the opportunity to fly to haiti & spend 2 weeks with madisyn at the village & help take care of the babies with lawanna - she's so excited & can't wait for her departure date (which's august 25) - she'll be staying until september 8, so pray for my dad as he'll be beside himself until she gets home - she'll be phoning madisyn tomorrow to share the news (unless licia reads this blog tonight!) - anyway, pray now as she's looking so forward to this opportunity that god's put before her, but has so much to do prior to leaving next week! - so anyone that's got kiddos in the village, my mom will be the traveling photographer for me & when she returns, i'll send them to you! - email me & let me know who's at the village before she leaves next week [hugs!]


her fancy backpack
oh sorry, should've said, 'I MADE IT!' - ugh, man, even though i've sent 2 off to kindergarten prior to today, it gets no easier at all! - i'm choking back tears this morning telling her to have a good day, that i'll be praying for her, that she can tell me all about her day when she gets home & then i hear the teacher say (in my mind), "mommy, you need to leave now so we can begin our day" - "gosh, but she needs me!", is what i want to say, as i look up at kiara as she's running off from where she's left me crumpled on the floor in a heap
hanging her things on her hook
she's, by this time, already searching for her desk & beginning her day as i'm peeling myself up from the pile i've become - i grab the hands of 2 toddlers (ruby & karleigh) who're both starting to complain loudly that they WAAAAANT to stay & play with kiara too!!! - i'm out the door at this time & as we're walking back home i begin to think of where kiara started from & where she is today - i'm not talking about geography, but how she was physically, emotionally, etc. to where she is today
walking to school
she's got a smile that will light up any room, usually always in a good mood, knows as much of her background as we know at this point & even though she's only 5 years old, she's handled it perfectly & is very open to hearing about & talking about her past - she knows that one day she'll travel with us to haiti to meet her papa beau & her siblings & can't wait (neither can i!)
kiara & mrs. spear
she met 2 'friends' today & even though they didn't play together, she likes allison & maddy - her new catch phrase's 'a little dab'll do ya!' as she says that's what mrs. spear says when they're using glue (how cute) - she also said that she learned the 'pledge of allegiance' & here's how 'her version' goes:

i pledgit leegit to the flag
of the united pit of america
& to the republic for which it stands
one nation, under god, indivisible
with liberteam & justice for all
her school bus
she'll be riding the bus to school tomorrow for the first time & she can't wait - so i guess when it comes to the 1st day of kindergarten, WE ALL did pretty well & here's some pictures to prove it - since i did alright today, i think i'll let her go back tomorrow... *the nice mommy that i am*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


well, this morning mom came over & watched ruby & karleigh & kiara went to the elementary school with spike & i to meet her teacher for the first time - she's so friendly & kiara just loves her - they got to make a handprint paper, make their own snack that they'll eat tomorrow & draw a picture of themselves after a sort of 'scavenger hunt' - they were given a paper with the words: 'restroom', 'pit', 'reading', 'math' & 'art' - they'd to find each of these 'stations' & pull off a sticker from each one & place it in the correct area on their sheet of paper (making the words match) - she met 1/2 of the children that'll be in her classroom so all in all she'd a very fun morning - spike & i will go back this evening at 7pm for a parent/teacher meeting without kiara - i'll take her to school tomorrow morning & pick her up, but from them on (starting friday), she'll be riding the school bus to school & i'll be picking her up - gosh, with all 4 of the girls in school, this mommy's having a hard time dealing with it as we love our kids being home *sniff, sniff* - thanks for watching the girls today mom, we really appreciated it! - i'm sure i'll post more later [hugs!]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

- TOMORROW'S 'THE DAY' (the first of many) -

well, tomorrow (wednesday) is the first of the 'big days' around here - brit's starting her sophmore year & although she's excited to see her friends & 'get after it', it's hard for her as we've had a blast this summer - she turned 16 this summer & has been a big help (as usual) 'round here with the girls & everything that goes along with it - i'll be swamped this year just in my taxi service as here's the way my (their) schedules are:

brit 16
(mon, tues, wed, thurs & fri 6:45-3)
rides the bus both wayskiara 5
(mon, tues, wed, thurs & fri 8:15-11:15)
rides the bus to school/takes 'mom's taxi' homeruby 4
(mon, tues & wed 6:45-4)
rides the bus both wayskarleigh 3
(tues 9-11:30 & thurs 9-1)
takes 'mom's taxi' both waysi love you girls & hope you've an awesome school year - like brit said in her blog, i truly miss the 'baby days' when i rocked you all to sleep - it's not that you've gotten to big for it as you'd all let me do it, but i've gotten to busy & that's unacceptable for me as a mommy - i love nothing more than to watch you close your eyes & drift off to sleep in my arms knowing you feel safe with me as you sniggle up with your 'kids' (kiara: douglas, ruby: silkie & karleigh: silkie) - you're still young enough to get the time back & recapture those memories & i'm making a public statement that this mommy's going to do just that - (brit, once i rock you to sleep, you'll have to awaken to walk yourself to your room as i'm certain i can NOT carry you!) - again girls, i'm proud of each & every one of you & love being your mommy - thanks for being you (all 4 of you!) [hugs!]

Sunday, August 12, 2007


us not feeling well's got nothing to do with mirlande leaving, but it's all happened at the same time - spike started not feeling well, wedensday & she left on friday morning - he's at the tail end of this cold thingy he's got working (headache, runny nose, coughing, fever, watery eyes, etc.), so hopefully it'll be gone quick before he shares it with all of us - i woke up this morning with a headache, but it's not what he has, i'm sure of it - we didn't go to church this morning due to us both feeling poorly as he was up all night long coughing his head off & is still doing it now - hopefully we'll both be feeling back to normal (yes, for all you that know us, we're the normal ones!) tomorrow & can get on with the week [hugs]


just wanted to publically wish my dad a happy birthday!!! - he's a great dad to aaron & i & i know he'll be a great dad to madisyn too - here's recent picture of him with our son dustin taken a couple weeks ago - everyone email & wish him a happy birthday at webegoen@aol.com - we'll flood his email with birthday wishes - again dad, happy birthday, we love you!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

- DONATE $1? -

i added a link to my blog the other day, but never mentioned it - i've seen others doing this & it's worked for them, so i thought i'd give it a try - my parents are adopting madisyn & are needing to raise $5000 in order to bring her home - i'm asking for 5000 people to donate $1 each so they can get her home quicker - i've donated money over the years to help other people with their adoptions & although my parents did NOT ask me to do this, they're very grateful for whatever comes in financially - they're just wanting to help this young girl have a life that otherwise she'd not have - they're both so excited & know she'll be home in god's timing, but as an 'expectant parent', waiting's not the easiest (believe me, i know!) - i'd love to call mom on the phone in the next week or so & say, "mom, your $5000 has been taken care of!" - won't you help me in this? - for any questions, feel free to email me at ChatterboxLS@aol.com - you can click the link at the left of this blog where it talks about raising $ for madisyn & it'll take you to another page that'll explain everything about her & her sitation - you can then click back to my blog from the link on madisyn's page - if you're considering helping, THANK YOU - if you're not, that's fine too - i'm just a older sister that's doing all i can to get my younger sister home where she belongs [hugs]


here's some pictures i took today of brit today - she's getting so grown up & looked so good - they all came out so well, but that's to be expected when you've got a great subject, huh? - she turned 16 in july & will be a sophmore this year - the first picture's my favorite, what do you think?