"what i've said, that will i bring about & what i've planned, that will i do." isaiah 46:11

Monday, February 21, 2011

* getting back to bloggin'

i've been so busy & have only blogged here/there over the past couple years & i truly miss it, so i'm going to work on blogging more often - to get me started, here's some recent pics for you all to enjoy!
ahniér in her crib

ahniér eating

ahniér thinking no one was noticing that she was going for candy

kacy, the newest member of our family

ruby [8], karleigh [7], kiara [8] & ahniér [2]

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Rebekah Hubley said...

yeah.... can't wait to see the pics. I know what you mean about having to give something up due to time... where does the time go?