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Thursday, February 11, 2010

* a great read!

this' a post taken from a parent with Deaf & HOH [hard of hearing] children - very good read & confirmation as to what we've thought all along
I want to highly recommend a book that may help shed even more light on this issue. It's called "Alone in the Mainstream" & is written by Dr. Gina Oliva.
Gina grew up orally [she, being Deaf & her parents & siblings were all hearing]. She received her CI [cochlear implant] at an early age & also went to public schools. Due to her CI & having been made to wear it when she was young, she never learned ASL [sign language] fluently until she went to Gallaudet College.
This book's part Gina's biography & part research. She interviewed several other oral Deaf & HOH students with CI's regarding their experience growing up oral in a public school. They were "lost' when it came to socializing with other hearing kids just because they couldn't keep up with the conversations. Gina presents a clear balance & it's quite obvious how much she loves ASL. I believe this book's a MUST read for all parents of Deaf children with CI's.
By the way, I too was born into an oral Deaf family, grew up oral & attended public schools all my life. My self esteem was practically non-existent & I lacked all confidence. It wasn't until I went to Gallaudet, where my ASL improved & I met confident, happy Deaf people that my self esteem took off for the skies. I gained more confidence & ASL's my primary language. Our entire family uses ASL at all times now & that makes me feel so special that they'd learn 'my' language, so we could communicate better."
wife to a hearing man & adoptive mom of four
14 g, deaf
14 g, hearing
13 b, hearing
12 b, deaf

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