"what i've said, that will i bring about & what i've planned, that will i do." isaiah 46:11

Saturday, May 7, 2011

* our little grandson...caelan

this little guy was born the easter day & is such a blessing - here are some pics i took of him yesterday, as it was his first photo session & he did great - i'm planning on using him a LOT over the next few months, since they're living with us, so i'll be able to get tons of good pictures - he's such a cutie & a great baby - BTW, did you know that he's already able to say, "i love mimi"? - he's very talented, to say the least! - pops & mimi [aka spike & i] are in love with him, can ya tell? - enjoy!!


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He's beautiful, Lori! Thanks for sharing his pix. I'd been eager to see him. BTW, some of my grandkids call me Mimi too. Welcome to the Grandma Club!